Things to beware of while in Antarctica as compared to south America

There are a lot of myths regarding the life in Antarctica, the truth is that there are numerous living things there that can withstand the frost but humans can merely survive there because of extreme cold climates. Due to this, permanent residents are not there and only tourists and people from around the world visit just fro few days and then go back. Whether you come from Australia, or America, you must be aware of certain things that are important when you plan your Antarctica travel. South America travel or South American tours are a way too different from that of Antarctica cruises or arctic cruises. Not just because of the temperature differences, but also due to the difference in the natural habitat, the animals there as well as the sources and availability of resources out there.

You will have to take care of these factors. As you should not consider the travel equivalent to other areas where all food items and other things are in your reach.

South America tours include lively streets, warm beaches and sunny sides while Antarctica is the opposite pole and if you have got a plan to visit both poles insuring this summer then you must be well prepared to enjoy the two extremes.

Basic things you should know are:

  • You will have to carry a lot of nuts, chocolates or maybe wine with you to keep you warm enough.
  • You will have to put on warm clothes that would be able to resist the cool and freezing breeze blowing out there.
  • You will not be able to stay for a long time as there is no place where you can stay for many days or enjoy the frozen pole.
  • Never try to walk through the snow as you will be unable to¬†judge the path and can be lost.

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